Keeping track of things – Time Management

Keeping track of things – Time Management

Every task/ activity needs to have a name and a date attached to it. Thus any activities not able to deliver on time, we will need to have a person that is accountable for not being able to deliver within time. As a project manager, we strive to complete a project ON TIME, EVERY TIME. Always remember the popular acronym – 5W1H, namely, Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How. Focus on

–          Who is being assigned to the task

–          What tasks they suppose to do / deliver

–          When the task to be completed

–          Where are the implementation activities location

–          Why the resource cannot complete the task

–          How you do to achieve the task

The last 2 ‘Why’ & ‘How’ are not as crucial as I always ensure the first three are closely managed. They should not have gone far off from the project direction.

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