Instant Response

Instant Response

With the fast pace society, many people want fast result.
With a few mouse button clicks, expected answers to be replied.

Nowadays, people are impatient. They cannot tolerate any delays. As if their time is precious. Many organizations that I know, their systems are still not automated, no matter how much customer service you expect from them, they just cannot provide any acceptable response.

Many people, especially in those 1st world countries, would like to have instant result.
Questions raised, expect a reply within the next few minutes. Anything longer, they would raise their voice, write complains, negative feedback etc.

I am sure, the servicing crew would like to expedite and close the incident quickly. Who does not know that their internal system is not on par with market system. There are many red tapes within an organization from moving forward.

Turn the situation around, if you are the service crew. You are back up by many legacy systems that cannot propel you to serve. How would you response to the nasty customer?
Would you be able to serve with smile? or you are filled with hatred, why are you in such a situation.

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