Do Not Gold Plate Your Involvement

Do Not Gold Plate Your Involvement


What is Gold Plate?

Gold Plating means do not execute anything extra duties that is beyond the project scope.
If your project scope is to finish 10 items, complete the agreed items and then moved on.
In this scenario, as a project manager, do not provide more than 10 items to customer. If there is a need to do the extra, introduce the project change request.

In a Corporate environment, when the project manager completes the project scope. He should quickly get the client to sign off the project and then moves on.
Once you have completed your project scope, do a project sign off and hand-over back to the operational team or client.

If the operational team refuses to take over, seek clarification. What is pending item for the operational team to take over. If the item is within the scope and is reasonable to complete, then project team will finish up the remainder item.

Up to Project Manager’s experience and discretion, if the pending items will affect in the operational team to mange the daily routine. In my opinion, the operational team should take up the responsibility to manage that particular task.

It is easier to say than done. Humans are helpful in nature. The project team might want to assist. After engaging that task, another item could have surface.
Therefore, the project team will never be able to sign off the project.

Then the Operational team will take the helpful as advantage and not take over from the project team.

If you are the project manager, are you able to do sign off and hand over to the Operational team or client.

Remember: Project Manager should not be gold plating the requirements.

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