Comfort Zone or Entrepreneur

Comfort Zone or Entrepreneur

Gathered a few friends on a table and started drinking and chatting in a pub lately.

After some round of drinks, discovered that everyone around the table is looking for opportunities outside. Reason being, as follows

  • Cannot work along well with boss
  • Too much of work
  • Clearing others’ mess
  • Not enough money
  • Increment not enough to sustain the lifestyle
  • Looking for better job opportunity
  • Internal politics
  • Retrenchment
  • And many more

With the escalating living standard, inflation is climbing, commodities price raises gradually. However, our monthly salary rises much much slower than the inflation rate. Thus we are always poorer than the economy. How can one survive?

A wise man says. If you want to survive, you shall not work for others. You should work for yourself.

Simple lay man terms: Be an Entrepreneur and earn money for yourself. Not working for others and trade your time with the limited money.

Are you in your comfort zone and trading your time with money.

Or are you exploring new ways to make yourself to achieve financial freedom.

For a fact, I am exploring new ways always. What about you?

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