What is Bi-Weekly meeting ?

What is Bi-Weekly meeting ?

Have you wondered, simple message can be quite confusing.

Within a team, you will need to conduct meetings to understand the progress or you want regular meetings for update etc.

Since the meeting is crucial, you want to conduct meetings and the frequency is bi-weekly.
Or the report needs to be submitted in a bi-weekly fashion.

Has the word bi-weekly come to your mind as in, what is bi-weekly?

Bi- weekly is a very ambiguous phrase.
Grammatically, it is correct. However there is a double meaning to this phrase.
Let’s take bi-weekly meeting. Are you telling people it’s a 2 times per week or every 2 weeks.

Every people will have different context and understanding.Some will take it as the meeting will be conducted at every 2 weeks.
For some, they will take it literally 2 meetings within a week.

In a dictionary, both meanings are valid.
However the meaning and purpose is vague.
If you are talking about every 2 weeks, suggest you use fortnightly or
spell out the full meaning in a message.

Many people, they tend to be on the safe side.
They write messages with a general meaning,
thus causing people to make assumptions and it is confusing at times.

This thus frustrate the members and everyone’s schedule will be affected.

Communication such as this is common and needs to be crystal clear.
Else the team members need to clarify what the actual frequency.

To avoid any delays and miscommunication, spell out clearly as possible in the message.

Do you have any comment on this.
Please share your piece in the comment below and see whats the general idea about this phrase “bi-weekly”.

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