Are you a Leader or a Servant?

Are you a Leader or a Servant?

Leaders don’t stay at the top. They go down with the people below and trying to bring his team up. If you are just staying at the top, arm folded and looked down at the team. You are not a good leader. Leaders should always add value to the team. You may be a good manager because you know your job well.

You are not a good leader because you cannot lead a team. So what if you can manage, your team is not following you. You can escalate the matter to the higher management. As a person, you are not able to lead the team, simple as that. Your leadership skill in business world is not the same as in military. You can’t raise your voice and the team will follow. Business world requires soft skill.

Needs to climb the mountain of obstacles together. Not alone. TEAM work is required.

TEAMTogether Everyone Achieves More

There is a project coordinator, Jenny (Not real name) was one typical example for lacking leadership. When she first came on board to the organization, there was no proper process, no procedures. She hit many walls by asking many departments how to do the job properly.

As the project management team grew, the boss would like to set up a proper Project Management Office.

Her boss would like to give her a more high profile Project Management Office duty, thus had recruited an assistant, Gina (Not real name) to help her in the normal administration work.

In a logical sense, Jenny should be passing all the knowledge to Gina, so that Jenny can focus on her high profile administrative duties. Unfortunately, the knowledge was not passed totally. It was handed over partially instead. Jenny just gave Gina high level steps, understanding and expected Gina to explore or find out how to do the work herself. This caused Gina to be very lost. When Gina approached Jenny for queries, Jenny will raise her voice and replied. Gina was hurt.

Nothing was done, but relationship soured.

This simple scenario showed that Jenny’s poor leadership skill. She had not showed her team the proper guidance to do the job. When Gina approached Jenny for assistance; that means Jenny had not passed the knowledge fully to Gina and that is why Gina is not able to proceed with the work. Jenny should pass all information, knowledge to Gina and check with her that she is informed of all things.

If Gina is not comfortable with the knowledge. She should ask. And Jenny, being the superior should be more patient to the team member and not throw temper at her team.

Lessons Learned: If you want to delegate duties to others, ensure the recipient are well-equipped with relevant tools and knowledge. Or else when the team member leaves the organization, you will have to recruit someone else and start the training all over again. The cycle will repeats. That is not fruitful and unproductive.

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