Are we born to be stressed – do we have a choice?

Are we born to be stressed – do we have a choice?

The current economic is advancing day by day. More classy tall buildings are getting erected within a short time span. Living standards are also ascending steadily. Not forgetting the tight deadline that your boss asks you to provide the next day. In order to maintain these high expectations and requirements, many people tend to work much harder.

There are different stress levels for various age categories. Here are some examples.

Setting high standard requirement for yourself

1. Some people are almost close to a perfectionist. They set very high standard for themselves. They would like to do all things perfect. Some want to achieve a perfect score or higher than perfect for whatever things they do. They have a very high expectation of themselves. They are stressed if they are not able to achieve what they desire.

2. Some members like to push the work till the last minute. They are not disturb with their excess timeline given. They feel that there is plenty of time. Member start working on the project when the due date is closer. Soon, they start working on the project and they hit road blocks, challenges. This time, they get panic and stressed up. Work not done and the due date is drawing nearer and nearer.

In any case, stress is created by us. If we are able to mange things properly and correctly. Stress will be controlled and will be minimized drastically.

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