Project Tracking

Though you are a Project Manager that able to manage projects. The point is: how you managed?


Follow closely on the team members till they are not able to breathe. This will make the Project Manager looks good as he is managing the project. However, this could spoil the human relationship.

Theoretically, you are tracking weekly, which is a good sign. On the other hand, do you think it is necessary to track to a stage until daily tracking and to the extreme of every minute follow-up.

If you are managing just this 1 time project. I think you are fine. I don’t think it will be good if you are in an organization and these team members will be working with you in some other projects.

Human Relationships will kick in somehow. The team member will feel sore cos he/she will have to see your email regularly, listen to your calls pending your progress update and so forth.

Monitor the team achievement progressively, do the necessary tracking.

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